Save Christians and Minorities from Genocide

This year, USA has accepted 10,000 Syrian refugees - but only 53 of them are Christians! More targeted minorities must be protected and allowed in!

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Interviews with Christians

in Syria


Tech Over TraumaSM (TOT)

Roads of Success has launched a program called Tech Over Trauma (TOT),which aims to utilize Internet-technology to empower, educate, and counsel young women. We cre2ated this program as a way to combat the shock, stress, and trauma that haunts the young women who have escaped ISIS' captivity.

To get involved or support this life changing program,  please contact us.

Jacqu line Isaac's speech at World Youth Day - July 2016




History Made! UK Parliament declares genocide after heart-stirring testimony from ROS president and VP with a 16 years old survivor!

Jon Snow-UK Nightly News interviews our VP on the campaign to aid rescued girls

ROS VP at the UN in New York [Apr-28-2016]

BBC airs our interview of a 16 year old survivor!

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Roads of Success organizes a variety of events in different parts of the world to make an impact in advancing human rights, elevate poverty and make a difference in people's lives

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    “Not My Sisters”

    As of February 2016, over 250,000 Syrians have been killed. Approximately 13.5 million refugees

    29 July, 2016 by Isabella Malak

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    Survived kidnapping, this teenage girl now using a TASIS-provided computer to help those still in captivity

    The American School in Switzerland is honored to play a small role in improving

    18 February, 2016 by Jacqueline Isaac

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    When Love Disrupts the Cycle

    2015/12/21 Hate breeds hate, it is often said. Well, what happens when love is

    21 December, 2015 by Loureen Ayyoub

  • Events

    HTB Focus 2016 – UK

    World Youth Day 2016 – Poland

    Wells Fargo' Partnership with Roads of Success


    J-IsaacUN Conference Geneva, 2016

    5Candles Orchestra 10th anniversary

    Watch parts of the celebration


    Jimmy-thumbMeeting with Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter



    Pop-Tawadros Meeting with Pope Tawadros II, 118th and current Pope of  Alexandria & Patriarch of the Sea of St. Mark


    leaders Taking World Leaders To Target Area



    Vatican Time at the Vatican and Meeting Pope Francis



    Seeds-Gala1 Seeds of Hope Gala 

    September 27, 2014



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    ROS is devoted to serve Middle-Eastern women and persecuted minorities by empowering them through media and education, advocating for equal rights and freedoms and supporting their needs to maximize their future potential.


    Middle-Eastern women and persecuted minorities reaching their potential to positively influence their societies for a better world.


    Any dollar amount makes a difference. Your donations will go to relief missions, crisis help, educational, and awareness programs that help women, children, and minorities across the world.