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“Activate your dream and display to the world that light radiates and breaks through darkness.”  -Jacqueline Isaac


Jacqueline Isaac is a human rights advocate, a humanitarian, lawyer, and motivational speaker. She has spent over a decade supporting those escaping crisis and advocating for the rights of minorities and women across the Middle East. She has been featured on BBC, NBC, FOX, ABC, the Guardian, Channel 4, Huffington Post, Rome Reports, Corriere Del Serra and other international media outlets. 

Isaac recently testified before the United Nations, UK Parliament and U.S. Congress as to her experiences in the war-torn parts of Iraq, supporting resolutions declaring that ISIS committed genocide against Christians, Yazidis and other minorities. Her focus has been on issues such as the refugee crisis, sex trafficking, female genital mutilation and HIV/AIDs.

As a motivational speaker, she travels across the globe encouraging audiences to ignite their God given destiny and to live out their dreams.

Speaking Engagements

To have Jacqueline Isaac speak at your event, contact us at info@roadsofsuccess.org or (626) 359-2537.

Comments By Global Leaders

As Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I have worked with Ms. Isaac the past few years on various human rights and religious freedom issues in the Middle East. Her trips to Iraq providing legal advocacy, support and empowerment to the victims of ISIS provided strong testimony resounding in the minds and hearts of many.

-Chairman Ed Royce, United States Congress 

They have been rescued from Islamic State clutches, after suffering horrific abuse. Now American lawyer Jacqueline Isaac has launched a campaign to get asylum for 100 yazidi girls who were kidnapped by IS extremists in Syria. She has been pushing the U.S. Congress for support and is now in Britain where peers in the House of Lords are campaigning to have the persecution of Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria declared a genocide.

-Jon Snow, Channel 4 and BBC

At times, Isaac, vice president of a nonprofit organization called Roads of Success and a small group of American volunteers from the religious and clinical-psychology communities who went to Irbil, Mosul, and Iraqi Kurdistan found themselves less than an hour’s drive from areas controlled by so-called Islamic State militants. In fact, Isaac insisted on being taken to bloodstained slopes of Mount Sinjar where the Yazidi population had been trapped and was almost wiped out by ISIS.

-Thom S., Huffington Post