Dr. Yvette Elbayadi Isaac is an educator, visionary speaker, author, entrepreneur, and television host. Since 2007, she has been the General Director of Roads of Success (ROS), a non-profit organization in the United States. Besides producing television programs, she actively leads ROS in awareness and educational conferences around the world.
ROS sends short-term relief teams to areas suffering from natural disasters with emergency medical and psychiatric care, disabilities aide, and restoration to women whose bodily integrity has been sacrificed in the name of tradition.
Dr. Isaac’s commitment to the Arab world has resulted in numerous relief and community outreaches, including distribution of humanitarian and medical supplies to Syrian and Iraqi refugees, as well as underprivileged Egyptians.
With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Yvette Isaac brings a wealth of expertise in diverse fields including television, communications, public relations, humanitarianism, and counseling. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Cairo University in Egypt, and her honorary Doctorate Degree of Human Letters in the United States.
She helped found The Healing Channel, an Arabic television network, as well as her own weekly TV show, “Maraa Fadela” (“Virtuous Woman”) and a two-hour TV program entitled From Heart to Heart, which airs on ten satellites around the world.
She has made guest appearances on a variety of TV programs, including, Fox News, NBC, “90 Minutes”, “Good Morning Egypt”, and the Dream 2 Network, the leading Arabic secular satellite station; “Ten O’clock at Night”, hosted by Mona Alshazli, and on a Syrian television show called “Awlad El Balad”.

Dr. Isaac has high profile connections with officials and religious leaders in the Middle East, United States, and Europe, including the Highest Orthodox Pope of Egypt, the head of Protestant churches, and Grand Imam of Al Azhar, several Royal Families and Ambassadors from Arab countries, film producers, mayors and members of the United States House and Senate.

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