Author: Chelsey Gonzalez

Turkia Shamo Ali story

by Chelsey Gonzalez

  DOB:1995  –   Location: Dahok – Kurdistan, Iraq I only finished the 6th grade. I am a Yazidi from Sinjar. I come from a family of 7 my father was in the military and he died in the line of duty in 2006. I cannot express our feelings when ISIS entered Sinjar. At sunrise,…

Resiliency in Wartime

by Chelsey Gonzalez

Resiliency in Wartime: Remembering the Yazidi Genocide By: Chelsey Gonzalez Four years have passed since the Yazidi Genocide took place on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. The memories of the deaths and kidnappings still permeate the air, as the people who escaped breathe in their dreams and out their hopes of being reunited with their friends and…