They Came in the Night

by Roads of Success

They Came in the Night with their Black Flag and Took her Life Away Eklas was only 14 years old the night that ISIS attacked the Yazidi village when she lived in Northern Iraq. “My life was beautiful. But two hours changed my entire life. They came with their black flag. They killed our men…

ROS awareness campaign in Kurdistan, Iraq

by Victor

  The Roads of Success team in Kurdistan, Iraq, has conducted an awareness campaign about the importance of hygiene in displaced camps to avoid the spread of diseases. Along with a guide to proper hygiene, trash bins with liquid soap were installed and has had a positive impact on the refugees living there. Our hope…

Holy See meeting at the United Nations Headquarters

by Victor

On Thursday, November 2nd, Roads of Success co-hosted a crucial meeting with The Permanent Representative of the Holy See meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City titled, “Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice: The Future of Religious and Ethnic Minorities Victimized by Daesh”. The meeting focused on better understanding the victims of Daesh and…

Distribution of toys to Syria

by Victor

We are so thankful and appreciative for the arrival and distribution of toys to Syria with partnership of Roads of Success and service partners. Despite the difficult security conditions, especially the distribution in the city of Aleppo, toys were distributed to children in various places in Aleppo such as the Church of the Christian Union,…

Recent Medical Mission in Iraq

by Victor

Our team in Iraq has provided humanitarian aid to the displaced people from Mosul in Hassan Sham camp. In Addition, Dr. Nahed Fayez, a cardiologist from Egypt, has accompanied the team and conducted several medical exams for many patients in the area. Medicine donated by Dr. Nizar Ismet, the director of the Health Department in…

Christian Minorities in Syria

by Victor

These photos were taken during our visit to historical church sites which have been completely destroyed by fundamental Islamic groups in Syria. Please continue to pray for the protection of Christian minorities in Syria and the Middle East.

Coptic Minorities

by Victor

Christians in Al-Arish, Egypt Flee after continuous Killings to Christian Minorities in Northern Sinai. Christians continue to flood out of Al-Arish, Egypt Sinai after many Christians were gunned down by Islamic militants linked to ISIS. Series of killings started after a call by Islamic State for its followers to target the minority group. The killings…