Christian Minorities in Syria

by Victor

These photos were taken during our visit to historical church sites which have been completely destroyed by fundamental Islamic groups in Syria. Please continue to pray for the protection of Christian minorities in Syria and the Middle East.

Coptic Minorities

by Victor

Christians in Al-Arish, Egypt Flee after continuous Killings to Christian Minorities in Northern Sinai. Christians continue to flood out of Al-Arish, Egypt Sinai after many Christians were gunned down by Islamic militants linked to ISIS. Series of killings started after a call by Islamic State for its followers to target the minority group. The killings…


by Victor

ROS’s Continuous Support to Refugees ROS is continuing its effort in supporting refugees who are facing genocide in Iraq. Last week, we’ve sent another 40-foot container filled to the top with medical supplies, clothes, blankets and toys, to support and empower them. We want to thank you for being part of ROS container programs!

Container Story

by Isabella Malak

Our containers have saved lives and protected many from harsh conditions caused by forced displacement in war torn parts of the Middle East. We ship on continuous basis 40-foot containers full of donated medical supplies,  blankets, clothing and toys to support refugees, impoverished minorities and women. The supplies are received by families in their greatest times…

Seham’s Story

by Isabella Malak

  From Trauma to Hope Siham’s Story … For Siham, life was peaceful before the terrorist organization, Daesh (ISIS), invaded her home in Sinjar. Muslim Arabs lived in harmony with their Kurdish neighbors, fathers had steady jobs, children attended schools, and young women such as Siham had aspirations and goals for future careers. Life was…

Container Relief

by Isabella Malak

A young Iraqi toddler receives a package of warm, clean blankets and clothes for her and her family In 2008, an Iraqi family of four daughters was forced to evacuate their hometown in Mosul as they no longer felt safe for being religious minorities, receiving threats and warnings from people in the town. The family…

“Not My Sisters”

by Isabella Malak

  • Posted on July 29, 2016

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As of February 2016, over 250,000 Syrians have been killed. Approximately 13.5 million refugees are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. 86% of Syrian refugees residing in Jordan are living beneath the poverty line. More than 50% of Syria’s total population has been displaced in the surrounding countries of Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt. 250,000…13.5…

Survived kidnapping, this teenage girl now using a TASIS-provided computer to help those still in captivity

by Jacqueline Isaac

  • Posted on February 18, 2016

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The American School in Switzerland is honored to play a small role in improving the life of a 16-year-old Iraqi girl who has survived a nightmare few can conceive of. The heartbreaking story of Ekhlas, who was kidnapped by ISIS after witnessing the murder of her father and two brothers, is revealed through an interview…