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by Isabella Malak


A young Iraqi toddler receives a package of warm, clean blankets and clothes for her and her family

In 2008, an Iraqi family of four daughters was forced to evacuate their hometown in Mosul as they no longer felt safe for being religious minorities, receiving threats and warnings from people in the town. The family believed all was well when they re-established their lives in the Christian neighborhoods of Qaraqosh, however, in 2010, they fell victim to the ongoing atrocities caused by local terrorist organizations in Iraq. This last August, ISIS invaded their city, forcing them to flee during the middle of the night. All their possessions were left behind: their livelihood, their home, their safety and security. They were left with nothing. All hope would have seemed lost, but, with the help of local church plants and generous shipping donations stocked with clothes, supplies, and medicine, this family was able to start a life again.

“We don’t know what the future holds, where we will go, we would like to stay in Iraq as this is our home, but if we are not safe…what should we do?”

Many families in Iraq are facing the same struggles, being forced out of there homes into cold and bare environments, leaving everything behind for the sake of safety. These people need warm clothes and blankets, they need supplies for basic hygiene and personal care, as well as medical equipment and machines.

You can help make a difference today by donating to our bi-monthly shipping container program. Every two months, the ROS team delivers forty-foot shipping containers filled with clinical supplies, clothes, and blankets to refugee camps in Iraq. It is estimated that over 30,000 individuals benefit from each container, with each shipment valued at around $150,000 to $300,000. We need your partnership and generous donations to help us cover the $17,000 cost of shipping these containers overseas. This cost covers shipment, custom clearance, logistic delivery, and distribution to the camps.

These containers provide the Iraqi, and Yazidi people with glimpses of hope for a better life and a brighter future; these containers let them know that the rest of the world cares. Please, partner with us and donate today. Help us make a difference in the lives of these refugee


A young Iraqi refugee shields himself from the freezing weather by wrapping himself in a warm blanket that was provided by ROS’s container donation program.


A young Iraqi girl uses a spare box to shelter her from the cold weather.


Iraqi refugees stand in line to receive warm clothes, blankets, and supplies from shipping container donations provided by Roads of Success

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