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Our many empowerment programs support women, minorities and refugees as they strive to reach their full potential. Roads of Success has uniquely designed the Tech Over Trauma and Seeds of Hope mentorship programs to empower teenage refugees and survivors of torture across the globe. We also produce television programs, music videos and hold workshops, counseling sessions and motivational events to empower vulnerable communities.


Tech Over Trauma is an online education and counseling program which aims to utilize internet-technology to empower, educate, and counsel young women who have escaped ISIS captivity and survived severe traumatic experiences.


The Seeds of Hope Mentorship program supports refugee youth (RY) by encouraging them to become emerging future leaders, instilling values, character and confidence, activating dreams and positive career paths. We connect RY to government and community leaders to teach them tools for career and life success while creating bridges of opportunity. We also match them with professional mentors from the career path RY seek to attain in their futures.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI News) - A new mentoring program is inspiring young Iraqi refugees to become leaders. The new Roads of Success Mentoring program aims to make an impact on Iraqi refugees in San Diego.

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Roads of Success produces television programs reaching millions of Arabic-speaking people around the globe via satellite. The programming is designed to empower Middle Eastern women, minorities, and refugees. The two programs, entitled MaraaFadela and Heart to Heart provide necessary tools to fight against dangerous cultural norms such as child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, sex trafficking, discrimination, gender issues and social stigmas. The programs, hosted by Yvette Isaac, bring urgently needed weekly messages of hope by means of syndicated panel discussions featuring distinguished guests, professionals and motivational speakers.




Roads of Success produces music videos, concerts, and theatrical productions aired through satellite television to empower through messages of unity, equality, reconciliation and peace.


Roads of Success launches community empowerment events through motivational and unity messages. Our workshops support women by addressing societal traditions that oppress women while educating teenage girls at risk of child marriage, FGM and sex trafficking. Workshops are also launched in refugee and minority communities to address peacemaking, perseverance in light of tragedy and the power of tolerating differences. Events and workshops are supported by government and interfaith religious leaders who tend to participate.