Holy See meeting at the United Nations Headquarters

by Victor

On Thursday, November 2nd, Roads of Success co-hosted a crucial meeting with The Permanent Representative of the Holy See meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City titled, “Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice: The Future of Religious and Ethnic Minorities Victimized by Daesh”. The meeting focused on better understanding the victims of Daesh and how to bring justice to these affected people. The meeting also followed up on Resolution 2379 in an attempt to hold Daesh accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Evidence is being collected, preserved, and stored for investigation and will eventually be used to prosecute. The evidence will also be recorded for historical purposes so that this genocide will not be forgotten or repeated in the future.

Roads of Success team has been collecting evidence and witness testimonies for years on the ground. These witnesses were brought in by Roads of Success to speak at the meeting and their witness statements are being used to record this tragedy in history and this evidence will be used for future prosecution for the survivors. These witness statements are also being used to advocate for genocide declarations. Ekhlas shared her inspiring story at the meeting and was translated by Jacqueline Isaac, The Vice President for Roads of Success. Ekhlas decided not to go to her brother’s funeral and instead attended this meeting to advocate for those who are still in captivity and do not have a voice. She elaborated on her suffering and path to liberation. By using her story, she urged the United Nations Security Counsel and all those attending the meeting to be brave and to act so that this injustice will end and peace will be restored to the world. Gabi, who has been connected with Roads of Success for quite some time now, shared his traumatic experiences in captivity where he was tortured and watched his fellow Christians being executed before his very eyes. As a husband and father, he is advocating for accountability and justice so that future generations will be safe from genocide.

Roads of Success would like to thank the United Nations, the Holy See, and all those who attended the meeting. We would also like to thank the United Kingdom, Iraq, and the United Nations Security Counsel for the adoption of Resolution 2379 which will be the first step of many to justice.


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