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rz_atp_irq-92_blurredEmpowering rescued girls who fled ISIS

Left with the horrid memories of rape and torture, many of the girls once





As we face the massacre of  innocent Christians and religious minorities such as Shia





We need continuous assistance in helping Syrian refugee children and women in Jordan.




Line-of-People-waiting-for-their-wheelchair-customization-3Third Blog Post Entry

ROS has conducted medical relief missions in the most impoverished places in the Middle East.




– Target Area:


We are able to reach out to the whole world through television media.

We are also able to reach out to specific countries with humanitarian and medical missions as shown on the map.

We are trying to reach out to more countries, but we won’t be able to do it without your help.

– Human Efforts.

– Voice For The Voiceless.

– Human Rights.