Left with the horrid memories of rape and torture, many of the girls once enslaved by ISIS ended their own lives, however, ROS has been on the ground since December, empowering survivors with a new found purpose of becoming tomorrow’s heroes.

“With life or even the risk of death, I will dedicate my being to saving my sisters,” a 15 year old ISIS survivor affirmed after spending time in a special ROS Dream Workshop.

Upon the conclusion of the session, every girl present declared their commitment to using their talents towards the liberation of their loved ones still in captivity. Jacqueline Isaac, Esq., ROS Vice President, witnessed the transformational growth the girls experienced just after a few hours of being reminded of their value and purpose, a stark difference after ISIS had sold them as merchandise, classifying their price according to age, beauty, and virginity.

“Although ISIS intended to destroy through enslavement and torture, they could not capture their souls. These resilient girls are using their new found hope and dreams to display to the world that light can still radiate and breakthrough darkness,” said Isaac, an American Attorney of Egyptian descent.

Roads of Success, a Los Angeles based humanitarian nonprofit, has dedicated its efforts to the aid, psychological healing, and empowerment of the girls and children who have escaped the horrors of ISIS in Iraq.

With the clear goal of eliminating all religious minorities in the region, since early 2014, ISIS continues to destroy the towns and livelihoods of the ancient Yazidi and Christian communities. As the girls recognize the religious cleansing and modern day genocide led by ISIS, they are choosing to use their voices to call on the world for assistance and support.

After the experiences on the ground, Isaac and the ROS team have committed to ensuring their narratives are shared publicly in order to receive assistance from the world.

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