Advocating for the rights of minorities and women in the Middle East is one of our top priorities. Our team of experts and advocates testify in parliaments across the globe making the case for Christians, Yazidis and other minorities and women. We influence legislation and policies by meeting with government officials, holding workshops, conferences and hearings.
Through our collection and preservation of testimonial evidence of survivors from the Middle East, our efforts have supported historical genocide resolutions, Constitutional and legal changes on behalf of minorities and women.

United Nations

Jacqueline Isaac’s Speech at the United Nations in Geneva- March, 2018

Jacqueline Isaac addresses the U.N in Geneva to recognize the plight of the persecuted Christian and other minorities in the Middle East by documenting the atrocities and crimes committed against them in Syria so that, in her own words, “we may give a voice to the voiceless “.

She raises awareness and proposes an action plan to aid the victims and prevent the world from ever forgetting their pain and suffering and to punish those responsible for the terrible crimes committed.

She cautions; it’s up to us – only by realizing justice, we can prevent these sad events from happening again.



History Made! UK Parliament unanimously declares genocide after heart-stirring testimonial evidence from ROS President, VP and 16 year old survivor of ISIS captivity.

ROS President and VP along with a 16 year old survivor testified on behalf of Christians, Yazidis and minorities in the Middle East in front of the UK Parliament on Wednesday, April 19th, 2016. The team addressed the ongoing genocide in Syria and Iraq and testified on the atrocities religious minorities have had to suffer at the hands of ISIS. They provided evidence from their experiences in Syria and Iraq. On Thursday, April 20, 2016, the House of Commons unanimously passed a resolution declaring the acts against minorities “a genocide.”


United Nations


ROS Surviving minorities in Iraq and Syria are calling on the world to save their ancient communities from complete destruction. On April 28, 2016, ROS VP, Jacqueline Isaac, testified at an event held at United Nations that called for the Security Council to pass a resolution authorizing the prosecution of ISIS as the perpetrators of genocide, “the crime of all crimes.” The event was hosted by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See. Our team is currently in meetings with several member states to present the case for prosecution in the Security Council.



Roads of Success Testimony in Congress

ROS Vice President Jacqueline Isaac spoke at the UN convention in New York in late April to speak on behalf of the religious minorities in Syria and Iraq in an effort to persuade the UN to officially recognize the massacre of Yazidis and Christians as a genocide.


Human Rights

Roads of Success at Human Rights Council in Geneva!