Our awareness efforts ensure that the voices and needs of women and minorities in the Middle East are heard and responded to. ROS representatives have called governments and communities to action by using the power of media, music, and major events. Our stories have been covered by outlets across the globe including C-SPAN, BBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, AL-ARRABIYA, EFE, and much more.


BBC airs ROS footage

BBC airs ROS footage used as evidence in the U.S. Congress and UK Parliament's determinations of Genocide. UK Parliament uses testimonial evidence by ROS team to pass genocide resolution.

Music Video

The suffering of religious minorities in Iraq

This Video has been produced by Roads of Success to describe the suffering that Christians and religious minorities have faced in Iraq. It also gives hope and encouragement to survivors


WYD Keynote Speaker: Jacqueline Isaac on Genocide of Christians in the Middle East

Human rights lawyer Jacqueline Isaac shares her experience working with Christians in the Middle East who are the targeted by ISIS for genocide and the importance of preserving religious freedom around the world.

SD Living

Jacqueline Isaac with Heather Meyer on San Diego Living

ROS Vice President Jacqueline Isaac appears on San Diego Living with Heather Meyer to discuss the atrocities occurring in the Middle East and her fight to help the disenfranchised religious minority groups.


Jacqueline Isaac's Interview with John Snow - UK - Mar - 2016


Global Catholic Network Interview

ROS Vice President Jacqueline Isaac speaks with EWTN News Nightly to tell the world what we can do to bring an end to ISIS, and to bring peace and justice to the Christian and Yazidi people who have been massacred by ISIS.