Roads of Success sends humanitarian aid by shipping containers filled with medical supplies, clothing, blankets, toys for the children and basic survival necessities for refugees, underprivileged minority communities and women.

Container Programs

Our containers have saved lives and protected many from harsh conditions caused by forced displacement in war torn parts of the Middle East.

We ship on continuous basis 40-foot containers full of donated medical supplies,  blankets, clothing and toys to support refugees, impoverished minorities and women. The supplies are received by families in their greatest times of need and has helped thousands of people survive. Our container programs involve international collaborations with communities worldwide. Container donations are purchased, collected and sorted by volunteers in the United States and shipped by generous contributions by our partners.



San Diego


Local woman aids women warriors battling ISIS

By Thom Senzee

San Diego attorney Jacqueline Isaac, 29, is a woman on a mission — several missions — not least among them hauling fresh, non-weaponry supplies through war zones to Kurdish female fighting units in Iraq.

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Saving Lives

Container Distribution on Mountain Sinjar

Saving Lives: Emergency Relief Mission Atop Sinjar Mountain
As the world witnessed the massacre of innocent Yazidis in Iraq by ISIS, we sent containers and launched an emergency mission to help save stranded survivors on Sinjar Mountain. Containers filled with warm blankets, jackets and basic survival necessities reached survivors and prevented deaths of many families enduring dangerous winter conditions. The relief mission was featured on NBC, ABC, Fox News and international media outlets.



Medical Missions

ROS has conducted medical relief missions in the most impoverished places in the Middle East, including parts of Egypt  and Jordan to evaluate and treat patients and donate medications accordingly. Such missions have greatly improved social conditions.

Staffed by remarkable professionals, ROS works with governments, hospitals, and humanitarian leaders to provide refugees, disabled, underprivileged, imprisoned, and disaster-stricken people throughout the Middle East with medical services,psychiatric care, midwife training, education, water, and tons of donated medical supplies, food, clothing, blan­kets, and toys.

ROS Medical mission trips provide a comprehensive continuum of health services aimed at promoting the well being of people in underdeveloped remote villages. Volunteer groups of nurses, pharmacists and doctors provides diagnosis and treatment; establish partnerships and training with local community health care workers; conduct community medical and wellness training; and foster principles of preventative health care and healthy lifestyle living and thus improving their quality of life.

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