Tech Over Trauma

Program Description:

The “Tech Over Trauma” program, created by California-based charity Roads of Success, is an online education and counseling program which aims to utilize Internet-technology to empower, educate, and counsel young women who have survived  severe traumatic experiences.

We created this program as a way to combat the shock, stress, and trauma that haunts the young women who have escaped ISIS' captivity or experienced terror. Tech Over Trauma's overall goal is teaching and educating to equip and to empower the participants through the use of the English languages, motivational sessions, arts, music, dance, psychological development, identity development, self confidence, career development, mentorship, leadership, counseling, to overcome trauma and support their futures.

“Tech Over Trauma” officially launched at the Ba’adra Camp in Dahouk, Iraq last year teaches the students in English by both an English as a Second Language teacher and a Reading Specialist partnered with Arabic-speaking translators. Select students also simultaneously engage in the Rosetta Stone language learning program as a self-study elective. After receiving proficiency certificates through the program, they are able to apply to Liberty University which partners with Roads of Success by offering students a subsidized online college-level education. 


Most students receive group therapy while others (depending on their state) receive one-on-one counseling sessions. Select participants also are engaged in a mentorship program.

Students use a video conferencing program on computers donated by the charity and set up in tents within the camp. Because the camp hosts many of the girl survivors who were kidnapped and raped by ISIS, counseling and therapy are key components of the “Tech Over Trauma” program. 


Tech Over Trauma dream workshop led by Founder of Roads of Success, Dr. Yvette El Biady Isaac, inspires the girls and children from 15-22 years old to declare the dreams buried within their hearts and begin preparing for their futures. Students will also be participating in a journal project in honor of Anne Frank and Frederick Douglass, a former slave who famously said, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Tech Over Trauma” (TOT) program involves leaders in the international community who are helping to restore rape victims through mentorship, English classes, and counseling over Skype.

TOT is a video conferencing program used to counsel girls brutalized by ISIS, and restoring the future dreams of young refugee teenagers by learning English. The program is creating a digital community for survivors and has allowed a community of mentors  in business, non-profits and educational institutions to be involved.